New dawn As philantropist Promises kwara rain flood victims revolution

Engr Muhammad Kamil Dauda

As rain continues to ravage kwara state, succour came the way of the victims this week when a philanthropist and oil mogul Engr.

Muhammad Kamil Dauda MKD promise relief materials.

In the last three weeks, flood and rain disaster has sacked many communities in Ilorin areas of the state.

Homes, farmland, schools, churches, police stations, hospitals and other things have been submerged.

People have been displaced and without homes and food, they have been at the mercy of the elements.

In a move that gave the rain,flood victims hope, Engr Muhammad Kamil Dauda MKD, under the auspices of Adoef Foundation, breezed into town not only to sympathise with the flood victims but also to provide them relief.

Engr Muhammad Kamil Dauda

When he beheld the devastation of the area and the condition of the affected people, MKD compassion increased, as he promised to assist in other ways possible.

Addressing the people, MKD said he was moved by their plight and therefore, decided to make his own contribution to alleviate their sufferings. He told them to be steadfast in the things of God, as the Almighty Allah would soon give them cause to smile again soon.Engr Muhammad Kamil Dauda MKD sympathises with victims of rain disaster.


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