Kwara must be great again Says- Kamil


I believe with four Billion Naira (4, Naira), Kwara State, if sincere, objective and we’ll managed can do the following:

1)Upgrade and furnish more than 500 classrooms
2) Upgrade and complete the water reticulation projects to provide portable water for Kwara metropolis.
3) Upgrade and equip some of the local cottage hospitals
4) Improve the poor state and managment of educational public institutions. I reteiriate that the the ill-conceived underpass is an un-necessary, needless and misplaced priority for our state at this time.

The project has no any economic values and a grave misappropriation of public funds. It is absolutely unacceptable for Government to fund and waste funds in a stagnant and non-economic venture with zero revenue.

Opening up of all the link roads around Geri Alimi could have served better. We will vehemently resist any attempt to carry out this evil deeds in Kwara and will continue to ensure that no funds are borrowed from any financial institutions home and abroad to achieve this satanic project or to run the coming elections.

A state with already serious deficit in education, water, health and every aspect of life should never even think about of such elepahant projects meant at only siphoning off the public treasury.

I see all these as an attempt of buying a perfume for someone who is walking naked.

Enough of all these “Executive Rascality” in Kwara.

Come 2019, all and sundry must do all possible to cast their votes for better and more promising Kwarans.

Is Harmony holdings a blessing or a cause? What is the revenue we are getting from Harmony as at today? We need to keep asking them all these questions. It is well.

I believe KwaraMustBeGreatAgain


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